There is still a strong public stigma and prejudice around the topic of Mental Health. People suffering from mental health conditions are often discriminated, which make the health problem worse or even prevent them from getting help. Not only are they challenged by the symptoms resulting from the disease, but also by the stereotypes resulting from the misconceptions about mental illness. Public stigma often leads to self-stigma, the prejudice that people with mental illness turn against themselves.

It is important therefore to normalize talking openly with each other about Mental Health or related topics and stimulate public discourse to break down fears and insecurities and increase solidarity among people in order to overcome the stigma around the topic.

Creative writing and any other type of self-expression can help reduce stress and increase a sense of well-being and other positive emotions. Expressing thoughts and feelings may help reduce the risk of illness and helps overcome the fear of being judged and promote diversity and feelings of acceptance and inclusion. There is no one size fit solution when it comes to mental health conditions. Everyone is different and everyone has a different story to tell.




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