Como é que o FOMO me afeta?

Now, that you know what FOMO is, it would be easier for you to recognize anyone suffering from it as they normally present few common behaviors like:

  • They are always in their phones.
  • They say yes to every single plan (even when they don’t really want to be involved)
  • They spend money they can’t afford, just to follow the pace of family or friends.
  • They can present physical symptoms as muscular tension, dry eyes, headaches,
    sweating, sleepiness…etc
  • You might also observe depressive symptoms in someone suffering from FOMO like a general dissatisfaction with life, a high level of engagement in social media, difficulty to focus their attention to simple activities, etc.
  • These people normally display a behavior of disconnection from themselves, being much more worried about others than themselves, their happiness, needs or health.




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