There are many reasons and conditions in daily life that could increase our social media and digital use and could lead to addiction. Negative habits and problematic overuse of social media could increase anxiety and depression levels. FOMO is contributing towards social media overuse and there are steps that we can take to tackle this (such as making time for offline activities, going out with friends, or going out for a walk).

We often see social media posts as what they present and nothing more, a picture of a hamburger, a coffee, a nice car. However, looking behind the scenes and understanding the aim of the act of posting on internet will increase our awareness of the reality behind it and it will promote an understanding that most of the times what we see on social media is just business and not life; we are not missing out on stuff or events but, we are made to feel that way.

At the same time, monitoring the time on social media or how frequently we lack sleep because we spent the night using social media, could contribute towards understanding better social-media related anxiety.




Case Study