Mente & Cérebro: stress online

Social media and FOMO related aspects can impact mental health and might interfere with one’s personal life and work. We all need to be aware of the possibility that perceptions and views based on social media might not reflect the reality and that this distortion might have an impact on users’ lives.

In most of the times we scroll through our smart phone screen, sharing likes and smiley emoticons when encountering a cool, funny, cute or otherwise interesting photo. We tend to think that the picture we see really depicts reality and that it really represents the person who posted it. However, we should always be aware that a smiley face, a cool act or a beautiful family scenery might not be reflecting the reality.

Have you ever felt, despite your emotional state, that you must post for a specific activity or situation as you might miss on your friends and the connection with them? FOMO, the fear on missing out on online friends and the communication with them, can surely impact our mental health.




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