Dizer NÃO à FOMO

The topic of this infographic focuses on resources and techniques such as “How to say NO to FOMO”. This infographic provides young people with knowledge about what FOMO is and how to work with it, and especially how to say NO to FOMO. An important step in the whole process is learning to say NO. Thanks to all the activities included in this infographic, students will be able to learn techniques that reduce FOMO and make them feel better. Young people become familiar with the techniques. And the need to change for one’s own mental health. FOMO has a very negative effect on our health. It is important to recognize when a change is necessary for the better. There are methods to reduce FOMO that are primarily based on mindfulness. Another method may be to show gratitude by journaling. Also the ability to say no to all invitations. These tips and more can be found in the infographic.




Case Study